2 months of Otomato
May 15, 2016
2 minute read

Going forward…

2 months have passed since I started [Otomato] (http://otomato.link) as a company. Things are going exceptionally well.

We’re already working with Motorola, Codefresh, Beame.io, Taboola, Chilli software and more. We are looking to add some bigger logos to this list. We’re involved in various types of projects - from large-scale web services to IOT cloud solutions.

Up until now ‘we’ meant mostly myself alone, but now I also have Eyal David joining me for some of the consulting activities - he’s a very strong software delivery shark and it makes me very happy to have him on board. And we’ve started training a couple of juniors. I’m also meeting a lot of new exciting people in the field who I hope to partner with one day.

And - we’re working on a comprehensive DevOps training program with an online academy.

And there are more plans which are still early to disclose.

All this is certainly as stressful as it is great. A lot to take care of. A lot of responsibility.

I do get worried from time to time. There are nights when I wake up and can’t go back to sleep because thoughts are running through my head,

But it happens less as time passes by. Growing the company is a challenge - but it’s a challenge I’m up to.

And it certainly is too early to make any conclusions. I can just say I’m enjoying this new life, no matter how stressful and uncertain it may seem.

the journey continues…

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