Announcing Devops Shorts
Apr 14, 2020
3 minute read

DevOps Shorts

Welcome to DevOps Shorts: the show where we invite wonderful human beings like yourself to have a lightning-fast talk about Devs, Ops and other mythical creatures.

In the show I will ask you exactly 3 questions and you’ll have 4 minutes to answer each one of them.

If you don’t fit an answer in 4 minutes - you’ll be stopped by a gong, sorry about that :))

If you make it in less than 4 minutes - we’ll use the leftover time for a blitz of totally unexpected questions in the end.

To make the show as tight as possible - I’ll let you know the 3 questions in advance. The purpose of this is to meditate on them and arrive ready. But please - only think about your answers - don’t rehearse or write them down to read out at the show - we do want this to sound natural and fun - with whatever surprises a live rollout to production may bring.

And here are the questions:

  1. Why do you love Information Technology?

    All the participants of our show are involved with IT and seem to love what they do. But it’s safe to assume that each one of them loves it for their own personal reason. What is yours? This could be your “I believe” statement, a story about how IT makes the world a better place, a story about how you fell in love with coding or not-so-humble bragging about how wonderful your current job is. But please - do make it a story!

  2. What was your DevOps AHA! moment?

    In “DevOps Handbook” each of the authors describes their DevOps AHA! moment - that situation in their lives that made them realize that the way things work in IT sucks - but there is a better way! What was that moment for you? This can be a horror story (we love those, don’t we?) or a success story (think Chicken Soup for the Soul) - the important thing is that it’s your story.

  3. What’s next for DevOps and the IT industry?

    This is your chance to look into the future! You define how far ahead to look. You can talk about the most exciting trend you’re seeing today that you believe will impact how we work for years to come. Or you can lay out your vision on how we will interact with computers and each other in 5,10,20 years from now. Or express any other strong opinion I’m sure you have. Go wild!

Sounds interesting? Then please find a slot and start ruminating on your answers. And don’t overthink - speak with your heart, not just your mind.

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