Devops Shorts 004 - Carlos Leon
May 5, 2020
2 minute read

Carlos Leon - Hacking the Human Side of DevOps

Our guest for tonight is Carlos Leon - an independent cloud native and automation consultant. Carlos is the link between your business and your technical people - because he understands and speaks both languages.

Carlos was born in Colombia, traveled the world and is now based in Netherlands where he is currently helping ING to automate and optimize their software delivery.

I first met Carlos in Vilnius at the excellent DevOpsPro conference and we’re friends since then - sharing ideas and stories from time to time. He sure is a gifted story-teller!

As you’ll realize from the episode - Carlos loves tech but his main focus are the humans behind the tech. And that’s where we always find common ground.

Listen to the episode to learn how to:

  • Keep loving what you do after 20 years

  • Approach introvert colleagues

  • Survive in IT when machines take over

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