Devops Shorts 17 Heidi Waterhouse
Jan 18, 2021
2 minute read

Heidi Waterhouse - Future is Just Another Feature

Heidi Waterhouse is a prominent figure on the DevOps landscape. And she’s also special at that - because her background is neither Dev nor Ops. For the whole of her career she’s been a technical writer, a documentation specialist. And I find this wonderfully exciting - because first of all - DevOps has never been the sole concern of Devs and Ops only. And secondly - good documentation is such an important part of knowledge sharing that we all know lies at the very core of the DevOps movement.

Today Heidi is the Developer Advocate at LaunchDarkly - the company that allows smart feature management in production. She knows that adding or removing a feature is as easy as just flipping a toggle.

Listen to the episode to learn:

  • How sewing is similar to IT, and also how it’s different

  • Why DevOps gives us a historical perspective

  • Are we maybe running in circles?

  • Why the future is just another feature

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