Devops Shorts 20 Shauli Rozen
Jan 17, 2022
2 minute read

Shauli Rozen - Let’s Just Get K8S Security Done

I first met Shauli when he and his co-founders were only planning to start ARMO - we sat in a small cafe in Ramat Gan Diamond Exchange district and talked about service meshes and network security. Shauli had great ideas and was full of motivation. And it all paid out! Fast-forward 3 years and he’s now the CTO of one of the leading Kubernetes security startups. ARMO is also the company behind Kubescape - the great open-source tool for Kubernetes security scanning in production.

BTW - we’re planning a post with a Kubescape walk-through on Otomato blog. So if you deal with Kubernetes security - it’s something to look forward to.

Find Shauli on twitter and on here’s ARMO

Listen to the episode to learn:

  • Why building developer tooling feels so great

  • Is CISO a curse word now

  • How one junior with an agenda can start a revolution

  • What AlienOps is

  • Who the next shift-left candidates are

And there’s also an unanswered question:

  • What’s the next level for cloud native ecosystem?

Got an answer? Leave a comment and maybe - be my guest at the next DOS episode to share your thoughts.

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