Devops Shorts 26 Omkar Kadam
Feb 20, 2024
1 minute read

Omkar Kadam - DevOps are the Platform Superheroes

My show features DevRel professionals, CTOs, architects. Everyone somehow related to DevOps and Platforms. And I really enjoy it when I get an opportunity to host someone who’s a real practitioner with fingers on the keyboard. This episode features a wonderful human being of this specific kind.

Omkar Kadam is a Lead DevOps Engineer at Cactus Communications and an AWS Community Builder It’s always great to get the firsthand insights from practitioners.

Listen to the episode to learn:

  • How DevOps is making developers fearless
  • How Platform teams and DevOps teams interact IRL
  • What AI can offer to help us get more sleep

The episode is live on:

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