Devops Shorts 001 - Tobias Kunze
Apr 21, 2020
2 minute read

Nurture over Nature

A-a-a-nd, we’re rolling! The first episode of DevOps Shorts is out!

I’m so glad that Tobias Kunze happened to be my first guest! Tobias is the CEO of Glasnostic - a startup with a unique approach to application resilience.

I first encountered Glasnostic (and immediately loved the post-Soviet reference of its name) due to my involvement with service mesh technology. Their company blog has a number of deep finely-written technical posts on meshes and service communication resilience patterns.

Tobias is a true visionary and talking to him was profoundly engaging.

Listen to the show to learn:

  • Why developers aren’t the kingmakers anymore
  • Why musicians love IT
  • The difference between the horizontal and vertical domains of software
  • Why operations are a key differentiator

The full transcript of the interview is available on Glasnostic Blog

And on a personal note - I’m so happy I started this! I’m learning as I go, loving every moment of it and I believe in the end I’ll be a great host.

The show is live on:

Watch out for new episodes!

And this is the place to state that the show is made possible by my company - Otomato Software Ltd. - providers of Cloud-Native DevOps Knowledge and Services. Get in touch for:

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To watch DevOps Shorts 001:

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