Devops Shorts 002 - Baruch Sadogursky
Apr 24, 2020
2 minute read

Employ Machines To Do What They Are Good At

For the second episode of DevOps Shorts I got to talk to the man with the hat - the great @jbaruch - the Head of Dev Advocacy at JFrog!

Baruch is the person in the very nitty-gritty of DevOps transformation - witnessing firsthand the pains and joys of the largest IT companies out there. This is what makes his perspective so unique and this episode so much worth listening to.

Tune in to learn:

  • Where the actual DevOps AHA! moment took place
  • What industries are gonna be impacted next
  • Who will get automated out of their jobs
  • Why banging on a keyboard with AC on is better than sweating outside

Short notes:

The episode is live on:

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And this is the place to state that the show is made possible by my company - Otomato Software Ltd. - providers of Cloud-Native DevOps Knowledge and Services. Get in touch for:

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