Devops Shorts 014 J.Paul Reed
Nov 15, 2020
2 minute read

J.Paul Reed - It’s Humans All the Way Down

Resilience engineering is one of the most forward-looking topics to surface in our industry in the last 5 years. That’s why I’m so excited to have J.Paul Reed as my guest. Paul is one of the most passionate promoters of resilience engineering practices. He’s a co-organizer of REdeploy, a frequent speaker on related topics and now also a senior applied resilience engineer at Netflix. And he’s also a great story-teller!

This episode is also slightly longer than usual because in the end Paul goes into what I considered too important to stop him - the distinction between reliability and resilience

Listen to the episode to learn:

  • Why release engineers are the air traffic controllers of IT

  • Why it’s important to treat humans as humans

  • What names Paul considers important mentioning when talking DevOps ;)

  • What happens if a reliability engineer and a resilience engineer pick a fight

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