Devops Shorts 013 Ohad Maislish
Oct 14, 2020
2 minute read

Ohad Maislish - The Revolution of Codified Infrastructure

Here’s why I was so happy to host Ohad at the show and why his company Env0 is one of my favourite Israeli startups of the last year:

Ohad first reached out to me on Facebook - offering to demo their Infra-As-Code management platform. He was nice, I was curious and we scheduled a half-hour Zoom call. Ohad talked, I liked the platform, provided some (hopefully remotely useful) feedback and we said goodbye.

Now as some of you probably know - I own a DevOps consulting company Otomato Software. We specialize in cloud native infrastructure and software delivery.

A week after meeting Ohad I got a call from the CTO of a cool video streaming startup - looking for Kubernetes expertise. Recommended by none other but Ohad. The call resulted in a very successful, interesting collaboration and a nice profit. And all this - for spending half an hour listening to Ohad!

So no wonder I wanted to spend another 15 minutes listening to Ohad talking.

Listen to the episode to learn:

  • How to become the youngest employee at Microsoft

  • How the magic of the cloud unfolded

  • If Ohad prefers Pulumi over Terraform

  • What’s next for cloud infrastructure

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